PraGnant Stamping Machine

SKU: TFK047010





The PraGnant machine is a foil blocking press specifically designed for the needs of craft bookbinders and library binders. 

The machine is sold without accessories required for proper operation.  Please visit related products, and contact Talas with any questions regarding proper setup and operation of this wonderful machine.

The typeholders are self-centering and, by means of a quick-acting clamp, they allow an extremely easy and quick change of single type or complete lines. This qualifies the PräGnant to be used wherever ”one-off“ titles are to be blocked. 

The book case (or other product) is placed upright into the machine, so that the blocking process can be observed all the time and if necessary be repeated without touching the case or taking it out of the machine. Expensive faulty blockings are therefore eliminated. 

The good view onto the case while blocking makes the machine also suitable for special gilding work such as blocking ornaments. 

The PraGnant - a unique machine for a wide range of applications, including bookbinding, pattern book manufacturing and gold-blocking departments. Moreover, the quick change of type as well as the easy handling of the machine help to reduce costs in the field of gold blocking.

Floor space: 60 x 60 cm 
Weight: approx. 60 kgs 
Stamping table: 430 x 500 mm with metal bar to be adjusted in parallel, inclination of table adjustable 
Pressure: approx. 400 kp by means of a knee lever