PraGnant XS-E110 Stamping Machine

SKU: TFK047001




Designed and manufactured in Germany by Schmedt.  Specifically designed for craft binders the PraGnant XS-E110 is a manual foil-blocking press for one-off titles and name stamping.  

This stamping machine comes as a complete set, with all of the necessary equipment to begin printing straight out of the box!
Standard delivery includes: (1) electrically heated typeholder; (1) thermostat; (1) starter set stamping foils; (1) tweezer; (1) steel ruler (30cm); (1) angled plate (30mm); (1) magnet; (1) die-holding plate; (2) sample card foils

The Pragnant machine differs from other stamping machines in that the action is upright as opposed to horizontal and can be viewed.  This allows for easier adjustments, and helps to eliminate guess work.  

The typeholders are self-centering.  The unit is portable and can be easily moved about the shop for convenience. Guide markers on each side are in mm and inches.

The PraGnant XS-E110 may be used in any bindery, in arts and crafts as well as copy shops and bookstores to customize Bibles and promotional items. 

The quick change of type/metal plates as well as the easy handling of the machine and its accuracy allow high-quality stampings. 

Talas has both Pragnant machines on view in our 
Upstairs educational center.

Dimensions: H43 x D36 x W25 cm
Weight: approx. 24 kgs (53 pounds)
Stamping table: H300 x W200 mm, inclination of table adjustable, with adjustable support and lateral scales
Pressure: approx. 250 kp by means of a knee lever

Technical Information