Print File Large Format Storage Pages

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
  • The Photo Activity Test (PAT) is an accelerated test that predicts the affects a material may have on photographic images.
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These high quality print and negative preservers are made of pure polypropylene with no PVC, and are archival quality for long term storage. Each page has a reinforced binding edge and a 3 hole punch to fit into conventional binders. These storage pages are specifically intended for use with Large Format film and transparencies. 

Please also see related items below for Medium Format (120 film) and Standard (35mm) film storage pages. 

 All the have passed the Photoactivity (PAT) test.

Exclusive thin backing coupled with high clarify allows you to make quality contact sheets without removing or handling negatives.  Strong continuous seams prevent negative hang up.  Top sheet is 3mil and bottom sheet is 1.8mil.

TAS033010:  45-4B (14912) Holds four 4"x5" negatives or transparencies.   9-1/4" x 11-3/16"

TAS033011:  57-2B (14913)  Holds two 5"x7" negatives or transparencies.  8-5/8" x 11-3/16"

  • Holds two 5"x7" negatives or transparencies