Fabriano Rosaspina Paper

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Fabriano Rosaspina paper is a hidden jewel among printmaking papers. It performs as well as 100% rag papers and is excellent for all printmaking techniques. Composed of 60% cotton content and its lack of an external sizing agent give it a sumptuously soft surface ideal for deep etching and aquatint. It makes for an equally luxurious, upscale drawing paper. This paper is mould-made with two natural deckled edges. Acid-free, chlorine free, mould made in Italy, vellum surface. Ideal for silk screen, etching, letterpress, pastel and charcoal.

27.5" x 39" (Grain Long); 20" x 27" (Grain Short)
Weight: 220 gsm and 285 gsm
Color: White and Cream