Somerset Paper

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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Somerset is an exceptionally popular art paper from the St. Cuthbert's Paper Mill in the UK.  The introduction of Somerset paper dates back to the early 1970's and continues to gain popularity today.  It now represents the most complete range of mouldmade printmaking papers manufactured by a single paper mill anywhere in the world.  Since its start, Somerset paper has now also found success as an excellent paper for drawing and other fine art applications due to its three surface finishes, and a multitude of sizes weights and colors including black.

Somerset has also become a premium paper for stationary, working wonderfully for letterpress, engraving, thermography and embossing.  

All sheets are 100% cotton, pH neutral, and archival.  Internal and surface sized. Most sheets have 2 natural and 2 tear deckles.  Black sheets have no deckle. 

Grain direction:  long.
Except for the 35" x 46.75" which is grain short.

Did you know that Somerset is also available in rolls?  Check them out here.