Stonehenge Paper

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A wonderful all purpose paper, Stonehenge is a 100% rag (cotton) sheet that is a true domestically manufactured multi-media sheet. It is suited for screen-printing, lithography, etching, embossing, pastels and watercolors. Stonehenge has a neutral pH buffered with calcium carbonate and comes with a flawless Antique Vellum finish and 2 deckle edges.

Stonehenge has the ability to take multiple layers of wax-based and oil-based colored pencil without any buildup, allowing colors to penetrate and absorb into the surface of the sheet.  

Stonehenge is also an excellent silkscreen paper with its ability to take as many as 50-75 colors, printed one color at a time, and maintain perfect color registration as a result of its incredible dimensional stability.

New Stonehenge Lightweight, 135gsm, is a great book and writing paper.

Sheet size: Four sizes  Grain direction:  All long

Sheet weight:  Most sheets are 250gsm (90 lb)  except where specified.

Color:  Variety of colors