Tengujo Water Activated Repair Papers

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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$105.60 to $192.00

Technical Information

Technical Information

The highest quality ready to use document repair papers now available pre coated with starch adhesive for moisten and go repairs!

The repair paper is an natural 100% kozo paper made by Hidaka Washi in Kochi Japan and available in either 3.5gsm or 5gsm weights.  It has been pre-coated with wheat starch paste (jin shofu) for a ready to use product available in both sheets and rolls.

The tissue has just the right amount of starch to allow the document to be moistened lightly to activate the adhesive, and performing the repair in half the usual time.  The starch is also of archival quality and easily reversed and removable should the need ever arise. 

Available in 1m x 5m Rolls (39" x 5.5 yard) sold by the roll, and A3 (11.75" x 16.5") sheets sold in packs of 10 sheets.