UV Absorbing Goggles

    SKU: TEC029002





    Spectroline UV-absorbing eye wear is specially designed to protect the user against most ultraviolet light sources. The UVG-50 Goggles provide adequate eye shielding. The transmission in the entire ultraviolet range is less than 10-5, thus reducing irradiance at the eyes and face from most sources to levels below the maximum recommended in NIOSH Document HSM 73-11009. A special formula reduces eye fatigue, eliminates ?blue haze? interference, and improves contrast between the fluorescent area and the background. The UVG-50 Goggles provide maximum protection from exposure to extended or high intensity UV sources. The goggles meet ANSI specification Z87.1 for safety eye wear and OSHA standard 1910.133 for eye and face protection. Attractive and durable, Spectroline UV-absorbing eye and face wear provide long-wearing comfort. The well-proportioned frame of the goggles and the face mask will fit easily over regular eyeglasses.