Optimax 365 UV LED Flashlight

    SKU: TEC026401




    Portable UV LED Flashlight The cordless Optimax 365 is ergonomic, compact and lightweight. It's designed to provide ultimate freedom of movement during inspections. With an ultra-high intensity up to 50,000W/cm2, it's our most powerful true UV-A (365nm) LED flashlight. Lamp immediately reaches full power and is always ready for use. This light is also rechargeable, and the battery can provide 90minutes of continuous inspection between charges. Meets MIL and ASTM specs for FPI and MPI. Specifications: Lamp Head Diameter: 2" (5.1cm) Length: 8" (20.3cm) Weight (with battery): 11.8oz (335g) Power Requirement: 3.6V, 2AH NiMH internal battery stick Run Time: 90 minutes (continuous) Charge Time: 4hrs Nominal Steady-State UV-A Intensity: - 6" (15cm) - 50,000W/cm2 - 15" (38cm) - 18,000W/cm2 - 24" (61cm) - 6,000W/cm2

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