Heritage Wavemount Mounting Board

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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  • The Photo Activity Test (PAT) is an accelerated test that predicts the affects a material may have on photographic images.
SKU: TPB569001


5 - 19 (Sheets) $160.00
20 - 49 (Sheets) $140.00
50 + (Sheets) $130.00
$160.00 (Sheets)



An amazing new product! A new thinner product for when strength is paramount.

Revolutionizing the standard for Archival mounting and framing backing boards, this panel is thinner than most with amazing rigidity and flatness; with all the same amazing archival properties and longevity as our Heritage corrugated boards and papers.

This board is incredibly thin, lightweight, and stable. Manufactured by taking sheets of Archival corrugated board, gluing them together into a huge stack and slicing it like a cake. This creates the core, and then additional sheets of facing paper are added to make a panel. The results is a super strong, thin panel.

Sheets are 0.28" thick - 49.5" x 78.75" in size. (7mm - 126cm x 200cm)

- 100% bleached alpha cellulose
- Without the use of recycled or wooden fibers
- No optical brighteners
- Kappa level: 1 - 2 = lignin-free (TAPPI T 236 om-99)
- pH cold extraction: 8.0 - 9.5 (TAPPI T 509 om-02)
- Alkaline reserve (buffer) > 3% calcium carbonate
- Adhesive: Potato starch, ph 7.0, moisture proof.
- Light-fastness 8 (=excellent) in accordance with the wool scale (ISO 12040:1998)
- No bleeding in accordance with DIN ISO 16245:2012

ANSI IT 9.16 / ISO 14523-1999 (PAT test)
ISO 9706 - Permanency requirements for paper
ANSI / NISO Z.39.48-1992 Permanence for paper in Library and Archives