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Wishab (Akapad) Dry Cleaning Sponges

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This soft dry cleaning sponge is used widely in Europe for dry-cleaning paintings, murals, frescoes, paper and other surfaces. It removes dust, soot, etc. but not oil or grease. Rub over the soiled area and then brush or vacuum off the crumbs. The surface of the sponge constantly restores itself as crumbs of the pad break away carrying away the dirt, providing a cleaning action that will not contain streaks, smears, or clouded sections. Surfaces to be cleaned must be absolutely dry and not stain or chalk. Leaves no residue.

The traditional yellow sponge was designed for cleaning painted surfaces, where as the white sponge is designed for cleaning more sensitive surfaces such as paper.

The dry cleaning pad consists of a blue handling body with an active yellow or white layer molded onto it.

Also referred to as an Akapad.

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