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Polyvinyl acetate polymers (Bakelite) are internally plasticized, and remain permanently flexible and noticeably softer than homopolymer resins. They are characterized high gloss, oil resistant coatings, storage stability, resistant to heat, light, weak acid, alkaline and salt solutions, light stability, good film strength. The films formed with these resin are thermoplastic, colorless, and have excellent adhesive qualities when properly formulated. Can be added to hot melt adhesives, as well as used for molding compounds ideal for making bone replicas. Used to put down pigment, and to repair tears (dissolved in methanol or toluene.) All resins are sold in 100% solid form.

Viscosities are as follows:
AYAA: 5.75 +/- 0.75 Pa-s (pascal-second)
AYAF: 26.5 +/-3.5 Pa-s
AYAT: 9.5 +/- 1.5 Pa-s
Viscosities (in Pascal-seconds) are those of a 10% solution in ethyl acetate.

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