Amate Bark Handmade Paper

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Handmade Amate Bark paper, made in Mexico in the ancient tradition of the Otomi Indians. The paper is created from the bark of the amate wild fig tree (xalama) the nettle tree (jonote) and the mulberry (moral). Each type of bark produces a different tone for the paper production, ranging from coffee browns to silvery whites. The pulp of these barks are often combined to produce a swirling marble effect.

The artisans first wash the bark then boil it in a solution of lime juice for several hours and lay strips on a wooden board. The strips are beaten to form the desired texture until they fuse together. The sheets are then dried in the sun.

The paper is acid-free and made from renewable plant fibers.
Ideal for use in fine art including painting, ink and pastel, bookbinding, drawings, crafts, cards and invitations and decoration

Amate sheets are available in both earthy tones and vibrant colors. Each sheet is unique. Due to the depth of the visual texture and color the paper can have the appearance of stone, parchment or leather.

Sheet size: 15.5" x 23.5" approx.
Weight: 150 gsm, variable

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