Arches MBM Paper

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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Arches MBM is a classic that no bookbinding studio should be without. Mouldmade in France, 75% Cotton and 25% Sulfite, neutral pH with 2 natural and 2 tear deckles. MBM has always been an exceptional and affordable paper for bookbinding, printing as well as marbling.  MBM takes water media really nicely without bleeding.  Like other Ingres papers, it is Laid only on one side and CP on the other.

New to our Arches MBM collection, is the lighter weight, 85gsm sheets in both Cream and White

This paper has a lovely watermark.  

Sheet size: 26" x 39" 
Grain direction: long
Surface: Laid
Weight: 105gsm & 85gsm
Color: White and Cream