Irish Linen Thread

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    The finest quality 100% linen bookbinding thread made from natural linen of the finest origin. This thread sets the standard for traditional bookbinding, and is supplied to bookbinders around the world. All threads are satin finish and imported from the EU.

    The Linen Thread we sell is polished, which means there has been a small amount of wax added to the product during the spinning process. This gives the thread strength, body, and a beautiful sheen. True "waxed" thread is not desirable for bookbinding as it has too much wax and feels almost sticky to the touch. In warm weather the wax will even melt and stain paper. Our polished thread is the ideal type of linen thread for bookbinding.

    If you would like to wax your own thread, we recommend using our beeswax in holder.

    All threads are three ply, and sold in 50 gram spools.
    Approximate yardage per 50 gram spool; 12/3=127yd, 18/3=172 yd, 35/3=335yd, 60/3=575yd.

    Note that lower numbers signify heavier weight threads and higher numbers are finer weights.

    Thread Gauge:

    Size 12/3 about 0.6-0.699mm
    Size 18/3 about 0.5-0.599mm
    Size 35/3 about 0.3-0.349mm
    Size 60/3 about 0.2-0.249mm