Arches Platine Paper

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Arches Platine was created in conjunction with fine art photographers and specially sized for platinum printing.

This 100% cotton paper was introduced to satisfy a niche group of photographic artisans who print using the palladium and platinum printing process. It is a smooth, bright white sheet made with no brighteners. 100% cotton, mouldmade, deckle edged, neutral pH, alkaline free. Recommended for Platinum Printing, Screen Printing, Lithography.

This platinum printing process is a balance of chemistry and photography. The paper must be free of any alkaline or buffering substances or chemicals because of the use of acidic solutions in the clearing process of generating the final print. The paper's wet strength is also of great importance given the numerous chemical baths the final print has to go through and finally attribute to it's ability to dry flat. There are only a few special grades specifically designed with this process in mind and Arches Platine was the first.

Available in a bright white tone with a satiny smooth finish, deckled four sides. Its watermark only adds to the deluxe allure of this fine quality art paper.

11" x 15" (28 x 38cm) sheets have 4 cut edges and no watermark. Grain Long
22" x 30" (56 x 76cm) sheets have 4 deckled edges and a watermark.  Grain Long
30" x 44" (112 x 76cm) sheets have 4 deckled edges and a watermark.  Grain Short
51" x 10yd (130 x 914cm) Rolls have 2 deckled edges, no watermark.