Art On Paper: Mounting And Housing Ed. Rayner, Kosek, And Christensen

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    This book originally published May 2005 in association with the British Museum contains papers on mounting and housing presented at the two-day international conference Mounting and Housing, Art on Paper for storage and display, history, science and present-day practice.(19th /20th May 2005) Contents 1. Historical Mounting The Royal Mount - 250 years of mounting practice in the British Royal Collection(Alan Donnithorne) The photographic mount: a brief historical outline (Laura D. Staneff) Treatment of framed paper in the historic houses of the National Trust.(Andrew Bush) 2. Materials and Microenvironments What happens to enclosed paper? (Joanna Kosek and David Jacobs) The quest for acceptable standards: mount boards and hinging papers, tapes and adhesives for mounting and framing (Barry C. Leveton) Open-minded storage: a box-maker?s perspective on housing art on paper (Stuart Macdonald Welch) Print frame microclimates (David Thickett) Out of the box - measuring micro-climates in Australian-made Solander boxes (Belinda Gourley, Caitlin Granowski and Andrea Wise) Investigation of historical and modern conservation daguerreotype housings(Hanako Murata) Anoxic framing investigations at Tate to date(Katharine Lockett and Brian McKenzie) The Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights: scientific basis and practice of encasement (Catherine Nicholson and Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler) Argon-filled containers for the display of paper (Nancy Purinton and Joan Irving) 3. Contemporary Practice in Mounting a. Mounting as part of Preservation Planning Mounting and housing in a modern collection: Moderna Museet (Alison Norton and Ellen Cronholm) Storage solutions for large format works on paper (Michelle Facini) Developing a preservation programme for modern unframed and unglazed photographic and digital artworks (.gels Arribas, Keith Morrison and James Berry) Wellcome moves (Caroline Checkley-Scott and Julia Nurse) 2-D or not 2-D that is the question? The storage and display of rolled wallpapers (Nicola Walker and Christine Woods) Mounting in a tropical climate: preservation, display and storage of the graphic art collection at the Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata, India (R.P. Savita and P.K. Agarwal) b. Overviews and case studies Conservation mounting at the V&A: an overview of techniques (Clair Battisson, Chris Gingell and Simon Fleury) The display of single-sheet material: two recent exhibitions at the Bodleian Library, Oxford (Andrew Honey) Reproducing decorative mounts (Louise Bradley) A 1960s classic: researching an approach to the treatment of an unstable framed linocut by Edward Bawden (Alice Powell) Housing and storage solutions for four book of hours bi-folios (Jordi Casasayas) Mounting and framing of gouaches by the CoBrA Movement (Piet van Dalen and Jan Stokmans) c. Oriental and African Works Advantages and disadvantages of the hanging scroll format from a conservation viewpoint (Yasuhiro Oka) Don?t throw away the box (Simon Fleury) Wrap and roll or flatten and hinge: approaches to storage and display of Chinese art on paper (David Green and Jin Xian Qiu) Mounting papyri at the British Museum (Bridget Leach) Mounting of African paintings and scrolls: two case studies on textile and parchment (David Giles and Victoria de Korda) East meets West - solutions for housing papyri and thangkas (Nicola Lewis) Mounting fragile Tibetan and Asian material at the British Library: exhibition and storage (Ian Swindale)