Beva 371 Solution

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    The only adhesive specifically formulated to meet the requirements of art conservation professionals, and since 1970 is the most widely used over the world. This material has been extensively tested and published in professional literature. Developed as a relining adhesive, it has now been found to have numerous other applications, such as mounting of paper to canvas, textile to textile, canvas to wood. Can be applied by brush, roller, or thinned and sprayed into place. BEVA can be removed from absorbent surfaces using hexane or acetone, provided these solvents do not damage the artwork involved. It is also reversible by heat and low-aromatic solvents.

    This is the most currently produced version of the Beva 371 formula.

    Beva 371 (original) formula was made with Elvax 150, AC400, Laropal K80, Cellolyn, and wax.

    Beva 371b was made between 2009-2021. This formula contained Elvax 150, AC400, TegoVariplus, Cellolyn, and wax. The Laropal K80 went out of production and was replaced by TegoVariplus which had a yellowish color.

    Beva 371a was produced from 2021 to now. This contains Elvax 150, AC400, Laropal A81, Cellolyn, and wax. The Laropal A81 has clear/white color eliminating the previously substituted TegoVariplus resin which had a yelloish color.

    This material is NO longer considered a Hazardous Material, but may NOT ship by air. For orders requiring air shipment we recommend the Beva 371 Film or Beva 371 Dry Resin Mix.

    Sold by the Gallon.

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