Big Pictures: Problems And Solutions Ed. Sally Woodcock

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    This publication documents situations faced by both conservators and curators when working with paintings ranging in scale from unusually large portraits to panoramas. Solutions for the problems presented by pictures too large for lorries, unable to fit through windows and doors and beyond the dimensions of any lining table are described in detail, discussing work in a range of formats, including friezes, theatre cloths and ceiling paintings. These projects demonstrate how large-scale works of art can be moved, treated, displayed and stored safely and efficiently and reveal the ingenuity, flexibility and audacity required when dealing with big pictures. Contents: 1. Foreword by Jim France 2. Conservation of Large Miniatures on Ivory, by Alan Derbyshire 3. The Conservation of Large-Format Works of Art on Paper, by Jean E. Brown 4. The Conservation and Reinstatement of the Lonsdale Frieze, by Mount Stuart Clare Meredith and Colleen Donaldson 5. Installation of L?Escargot by Henri Matisse, by Calvin Winner 6. Cy Twombly: Big Pictures in a Travelling Retrospective, by Michael Duffy 7. Touring Robert Rauschenberg?s 32-ft Long Painting Barge, by Gillian McMillan 8. The Problem of the Seven Foot Door, by Ian McClure 9. ?The Unloved Painting? by Guido Reni, by Christine Leback Sitwell 10. Using Aluminium for a Stretcher: A Practical Assessment, by Jacqueline Ridge, Dave Jones and Jack Warans 11. The Challenges of Storing a Collection of Theatre Backcloths, by Nicola Costaras and Stephen King 12. The Battle with Trafalgar, by Valentine Walsh and Richard Pelter 13. A Cold-Lining Technique for Large-scale Paintings, by Kate Seymour and Jos van Och 14. The Structural Treatment of a Series of Large Dynastic Portraits of Louis X1V and Family Onsite at Chateau de Balleroy, Normandy, by Jim Dimond with Warwick MacCallum 15. The Restoration of Caravaggio?s The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist, by Marco Ciatti 16. The Battle of Meanee by Edward Armitage, 1847, by Claire Chorley 17. The Defeat of the Floating Batteries off Gibraltar by John Singleton Copley: History and Display, by Gerry Alabone with Louise Dandy 18. The Defeat of the Floating Batteries off Gibraltar by John Singleton Copley: A Painting Waiting for a Wall Hardback, 152 pages 100 Colour, 36 line drawings, 30 Black & White Illustrations