CaLoSiL Micro

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    CaLoSil Micro is characterized by properties which are between the nano-sols (CaLoSil E, IP, or NP) and conventional lime hydrate suspensions.  It contains lime hydrate particles having sizes between 1 and 3 μm, which are dispersed in ethanol.  The calcium hydroxide concentrations is 120 g/L.

    CaLoSil Micro is a specially designed and produced calcium hydroxide solution for the strengthening of stone, mortar and plaster.  It is used for the consolidation of detached surfaces as well as for the filling of coarse cracks, openings and joints.

    The suspension has to be stirred before using.  The application is possible by injection of spraying.  The addition of stone flour allows the preparation of special injection grouts and repair mortars.  CaLoSil Micro can be mixed with all products of the CaloSil family.  Systems are obtained with well defined particle size distributions.

    Sold in 1 Liter bottles. 

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