CaLoSiL Paste-Like

SKU: TCD008902


1 – 4 $300.25
5 – 14 $275.40
15 + $249.50
CaLoSiL paste-like is a new product complementing the CaLoSiL product line. It contains calcium hydroxide nano-particles in concentrations much higher than in all other products. Based on a special production technique, calcium hydroxide particles in concentrations up to 120 g/L are stable dispersed in ethanol. The particles have sizes in the range between 50 nm and 1 m. That means they are greater than in the colloidal CaLoSiL products but still much smaller than in conventional lime hydrate suspensions. 
Container size: 1 Liter

CaLoSiL paste-like is used for filling voids, pores as well as cracks or fissures. It can be applied for gluing of detachments.