CaLoXiL Injection grout

SKU: TCD008143


CaLoXiL Injection grout bases on fine calcium carbonate fillers in combination with CaloSiL paste like which acts as binder. All components in the CaLoXiL Injection grout are characterised by particle sizes smaller than 6 m. The injection grout has free flowing properties and is able to fill also small voids and fissures. The injection grout is characterised by good stability in combination with high flowability. After hardening, porous masses are formed which demonstrate high capillarity. All masses are hydrophilic and are able to act as capillary-active, zone-bridging mortar surfaces, mortar structures and masonry. Another important property is the good adhesion to historic mortar components. The injection grouts are able to adhere single mortar pieces. Pre-treatment with CaLoSiL E25 or other CaLoSiL types enhances the adhesion of the formed mass to surrounding surfaces and results in an additional structural consolidation.
Container size: 1 Liter