Calligraphers Parchment and Vellum

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    These are the finest manuscript quality cut sizes of Calf, Sheep, and Goatskin produced by Cowley's in England. Cut size pieces are an alternative to buying full skins of a particular animal. All cut pieces have been finished for writing and illumination on both sides, though additional preparation may be necessary to ones own preferences.
    Commonly used for calligraphy, painting, illumination, bookbinding, and furniture making.

    Cowley's Kelmscott Calfskin: These are the whitest & the heaviest of all the vellums. Originally made to simulate ivory, these skins are finished with a plaster of paris coating that adds to the overall thickness of the skin. Kelmscott skins are especially sought after by botanical painters due to their smoothness and ease of erasure simply by scraping away a top layer of the coating with a knife. While this coating does add significant depth to the skin, none of the luminosity innate to the properties of the skin seems to be lost.

    Cowley's Manuscript (MSS) Calfskin: Typically the lightest in tone of the calfskins (asides from Kelmscott). Manuscript skins have been prepared on both sides for calligraphy or illumination and ideal to be used with a hard edged pen or steel nib.

    Cowley's Sheepskin: White/off-white in color. Not as strong and resilient as calfskin, but still very uniform in surface with great luminosity.

    Cowley's Goatskin Parchment: Goatskins are typically noted for their distinctive grain. Their thinner & more supple nature often make them preferable over calfskins for certain usages. Goatskins are also typically softer & smaller in size than calf, and more reasonably priced.

    Israeli Calfskin Vellum:  These skins from Israel are unique and outstanding in structure and beauty. The skin side is mottled and ranges in tone from light tan to deeper shades of light brown and from light gray to darker gray. The flesh side is creamy in color and velvety in finish.