Cowley's Sheepskin Parchment

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    Produced by the finest and oldest parchment producers in the UK, these Cowley's Sheepskins are generally thinner, whiter, and have a less predominant vein pattern than the calfskins.. They lend themselves nicely to pages, as they easy to turn, and have a very consistent thickness and coloration.Sheepskin are reasonably priced and excellent for gilding due to their even surface.

    White Sheepskin: White or slightly Off-White in color. Not as strong and resilient as calfskin, but very uniform in surface with great luminosity.
    Stained Sheepskin: Similar characteristics as the regular sheepskin, only these have been softly tinted to create an antique look.
    Buffed Sheepskin: These softly buffed (suede-like) parchments are thin and ideal for the restoration of all vellums and parchments. Only one side is "buffed", which gives it an ideal tooth in restoration work.