Conservation Of Paintings: Research & Innovations

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    Gustav Berger, internationally recognized as one of the most innovative thinkers in the field of painting conservation, offers the reader fresh insights into his deliberations over conservation problems and treatments. He is best known for his development of BEVA, an adhesive specifically formulated for use in conservation, and for his groundbreaking research in the cracking of paint. Included in this book are updated and revised descriptions of landmark investigations and approaches, as well as observations on how the results have fared. Anyone interested in the development of modern conservation practice will find this volume an invaluable reference and a fascinating read. 'The wealth of experience brought together in one volume and the striking contribution that Berger has made as an independent conservator make this book worth reading.' Studies in Conservation 3, 2001:224 Contents Part I Conservation and Technology Gustav A. Berger 1 Treatment of paintings having absorbent components. 2 Consolidation of flaking paint films: Modifications of the vacuum envelope for consolidation 3 Tears in canvas paintings and their proper closing 4 The use of water in the conservation of canvas paintings: Benefits and hazards, vapor treatment, 'shrinkers' and other problems 5 Deacidification of canvas paintings as practiced in our studio 6 Lining and mounting with BEVA 7 Weave accentuation and weave interference in vacuum lining of paintings 8 A testing system for adhesives for conservation: The importance of valid tests 9 Unconventional treatments for contemporary paintings: vacuum lining without a membrane 10 Transparent lining of paintings 11 Inpainting using PVA medium: Mario Modestini's pioneering research 12 Special projects Part II Investigations into the causes of deterioration of paintings and painted objects Gustav A. Berger and William H. Russell 13 The role of tension in the preservation of canvas paintings: The self-adjusting, constant-tension stretcher 14 The Berger-Russell biaxial stress tester for stretched canvas: The Art Conservation Research Foundation, Ltd. (ACRF) 15 Effects of the environment on the deterioration of canvas paintings 16 The mechanics of cracking in paint films Appendix 1: Design for a simple low-cost vacuum hot table Appendix 2: Materials used in our studio and some of their producers (suppliers) Appendix 3: Recipes most frequently used in our studio Hardcover, 376 Pages, 192 half-tone, 28 colour Illustrations.