Cotton Tapes

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    We have the largest range of Archival Unbleached Cotton Tapes for various applications in the museum environment.

    All cotton tapes are narrow width woven tapes without any adhesive, and are made from a natural unbleached cotton.   Used for various applications such as tying books and boxes, bookbinding, finishing edges of unframed canvases, and many other applications.

    The Loose Weave tape is the lightest and thinnest tape we carry, with an open weave.  It is commonly used as a tying tape for stacks of books or pamphlets, or as a light reinforcement to be glued or sewn into an object or textile.

    The Tight Weave tape is a thin but tightly woven tape.  It is fairly similar in thickness to the loose weave tape but woven in a much tighter weave for a stronger tape. These tapes are commonly used for tying, reinforcing textiles, and for sewing signatures in a book. 

    The Twill Weave tape is the heaviest tape we carry, and also available in the largest widths.  These are thicker tapes due to their weave, and are used for heavier and more demanding applications.  They are also used commonly by artists for finishing the edges of stretched canvases that are not going into a frame.