Polyethylene Strap

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    A crystal clear 4mil (.004") film designed for securing books open while on display. Polyethylene has found to be more desirable than Mylar due its softer and more gentle feel, reducing potential damage.

    All rolls are 200' on length, and available in five different widths.

    Typically a wide width will be used to secure all pages below the one to be displayed, and then a narrow width used as to secure down the top page which is to be viewed. See the image above.

    This strapping material is also useful as a loop for keeping books closed, as well as putting a loop over one of the covers to affix a bar code or other label which would be undesirable to apply directly to the book.

    Poly Strap is easily welded into loops with an impulse welder, or secured with tape such as J Lar.