Golden MSA Varnish with UVLS

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    $50.00 to $190.50


    A mineral spirit acrylic varnish with UVLS (ultraviolet light stabilizers) which dry to a tough yet flexible protective finish. 

    The varnish may be removed with mineral spirits or turpentine. MSA varnish can be used over a wide variety of paints, including acrylic, oil, alkyd, egg tempera, watercolor, and casein. 

    As a topcoat for acrylics, it provides a harder, lower tack surface that is much less susceptible to attracting and embedding dirt and is more mar resistant. When sprayed, it functions well as a consolident for mediums, such as soft pastel, chalk, oil pastel, charcoal, tempera and dry pigments. It can also be mixed with oil and alkyd paints to accelerate drying and improve flexibility. 

    The different finishes can be intermixed, or used sequentially, to achieve the desired sheen. 
    Available in matte, satin, and gloss.

    Soluable in Stoddard Solvent.  

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