Beva Gesso-P

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    BEVA Gesso is not a typical gesso.  It is a solvent based, permanently soft and flexible putty with some texture to mimic canvas.

    BEVA Gesso is a highly elastic putty capable of following the movements of the substrate, thus solving an age old problem. Combining a compressible, inert mineral power, oxidation inhibitors, UV stabilizers, and a buffer to remain a non-acidic pH and BEVA resin, we have formulated a stable gesso, reversible with heat or with mild hydrocarbons solvents. BEVA Gesso adheres to wood, plastics, metals, paint, etc. It may be tinted with dry pigments. Smooth and flexible, it can be shaped or textured. BEVA Gesso dries white in color, accepts all currently used media (oil, alcohol, or aqueous) and can be burnished and gilded.

    Sold in 8 oz. Containers.

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