Hanji Handmade Korean Papers

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Hanji Conservation papers are produced in South Korea.  It is sought after in book and paper conservation due to its strength and quality.

There is a proverb: "Silk lasts 500 years but Hanji lasts 1000 years." Hanji papers are widely used for conservation work as well as calligraphy, ink painting and publishing. The Main Materials in the production of Hanji are: Cham Dak (finest paper similar to Kozo Mulberry) + Natural formation aid + Clean water.

Cham Dak has been grown in much of Korean peninsula since ancient time. Dak is harvested between November and February before the fiber stiffens. Korean Dak is known for its long, flexible, and strong fiber. There are different grades Dak and the best grade is called Cham Dak. Talas is proud to supply Hanji made with the highest quality Cham Dak.
Hanji is naturally PH neutral and has uncomparable longevity. There are no fillers or additives. This is why Hanji is ideal for projects requiring archival care in addition to surface beauty.

Series 1: The papers formed in this series have a multiple grain direction. This is referred to as We Bal. This unique formation Yin Yang yields two layers in one sheets. This method allows fibers to accumulate in crisscross formation resulting is strong, dimensionally stable and tear-resistant paper which is also stable against moisture. 
#1502 (TPB111502: Series 1, 32gsm) and #1902 (TPB111902: Series 1, 57gsm) are Do Chim, a process that makes the fibers more compact and smooth (calendared).

Series 2: The papers within this series have no chain lines, specially developed at conservator's request. This surface yields a smooth surface ideal for lining and conservation work. Papers in this series come in a full range of gram weights (thickness).
Please Note:  The maker is no longer able to produce paper without chain lines.  Limited quantities remain on some weights.

Series 3: This is the basic series. The papers are produced with the same fine Cham Dak. They are ideal for all types of conservation work and are available in a full range of gram weights.

#1003 (TPB131003: Series 3, 19gsm) is Sam Ji Dak, a fiber similar to Misumata.
#1201 (TPB131201: Series 3, 13gsm) & #1301 (TPB131301: Series 3, 19gsm) are Wood Dry and #1202 (TPB131202: Series 3, 13gsm) and #1302 (TPB131302: Series 3, 19gsm) are Steel Dry and therefore more economical.

A selection of our Hanji papers have been tested by the Library of Congress and concluded that they are excellent papers with high ratings for permanence and durability. 

All sheets are 100% Korean Cham Dak except for #1003 (TPB131003: Series 3, 19gsm) which is 100% Korean Sam Ji Dak

Sheet size: 25" x 37" (660mm x 930mm) 
Except for #1101 (TPB121101: Series 2, 12gsm) which is 17" x 23"

Color:  Natural White

Weight:  Variable