Hermetic Bag Seal Clip

SKU: Bag_Seal


$12.95 to $40.95



These clips create a hermetic reusable seal on lay flat bags!


Simply take the two layers of film and clip them between the rod and clip.  This creates a hermetic seal from the outside of the bag sealing it closed.  The clip is easily removable by peeling the rod out of the clip, and both the film and the clip remain entirely reusable and resealable again and again.


Perfect for sealing Marvelseal, Anoxiflex, Escal, and pretty much any other barrier film.  Layers of film must be completely flat  across the seal, so no gussets or winkles can be present for proper seal.


Small - 5.1 inch Clamp with 6.6 inch Rod (7/16 inch diameter)


Large - 12.6 inch Clamp with 14.1 inch Rod (7/16 inch diameter)


X-Large - 40 inch Clamp with 41.5 inch Rod (7/16 inch diameter)


Clips are made of LDPE plastic and are reusable.