Hon Mino Gami (Uso Mino) Paper

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Mino papers are centuries old, going back to the Nara period (7th Century). They are the most desirable of papers with a wonderful range of weights from 12gsm to 30gsm.

All of the Hon Mino Gami papers are made with 100% Japanese Nasu Kozo, grown in the Ibaraki Prefecture. Nasu Kozo fibers are a bit shorter than other Kozo fibers which are considered the longest of the fibers.  This enhances their appearance with a warm and soft texture. They are extremely durable to light and ideal for mending, hinging and desirable to conservators around the world. 

Uso Mino Thin 12gsm (formally called Kizukishi)
Uso Mino 15gsm (formally called Kizuki)
Chochin 18gsm
Hon Mino 30gsm

Sheet size: 25” x 38” (63.5 x 97cm) 
Sheet size: 25” x 36.5” (63.5 x 93cm) Hon Mino

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