Humidity Cards

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    Standard Cards Designed for monitoring the humidity levels in and around museum cases, artifacts, collectibles, and other areas. The humidity level is indicated in 10% RH incriments, from 10%-80%. The color of the card changes from blue (drier) to pink (wetter) when exposed to a change in humidity within an eight hours period. Indicator spots are reversible, and pink spots will change back to blue when the volume of air has dried. The highest indicator spot should be blue before being put to use, and can be dried with a dessicant before use to achieve this condition if necessary.b Size: 1.5" x 4.5"

    Maximum Humidity Cards offer a simple, cost-effective and accurate method of recording the maximum relative humidity level reached during the duration of time the card is present in a particular micro climate. Each level of humidity is represented by a blue crystal that dissolves to create a large blue spot that clearly indicates the highest point of relative humidity that has been reached for a perios of time greater than 24 hours. Useful for measuring humidity of items while in transport or long term storage. The color charge of these cards is irreversible, and therefor cannot be reused.


    Technical Information

    - Monitors humidity in display or storage areas 
    - Each colored square in the scale indicates a 10% humidity range, from dry to damp 
    - Irreversible blue-crystal visual alarm system changes color if the RH reaches 50–90% 
    - To use, simply place in area to be monitored 
    - Do not place near air vents or windows as this may skew readings