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    A water absorbent chemical that reduces humidity in closed containers thus reducing the possibility of rust, corrosion, mildew, mold and other damage dependent upon ambient moisture. Silica dust can cause respiratory complications, appropriate care should be used.

    Available in:
    Blue Indicating. Silica beads are blue in color and turn pink when maximum absorption of the material has been reached.
    Non-Indicating. Same performance characteristics as blue indicating, but will not change color when maximum moisture retention level has been reached.
    Mixed. An economical alternative to the use of 100% blue indicating silica. This mix of 90% non-indicating and 10% blue indicating silica allows for quick identification when the maximum absorption level has been reached.

    All variations of this silica can be reconditioned (dried) by placing it in a low oven of approximately 250 Degrees F for approximately 4 hours and then reused.  This is referred to as standard density silica gel, and is different from high performance silica gel used for products like ArtSorb & ProSorb.

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