Mini Mechanical Thermohygrometer

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1 – 11 $41.50
12 + $38.75
A small attractive unit in clear plastic housing for accurately measuring the temperature and humidity of the environment. Suitable for discretely mounting in display cases, storage shelves, archival boxes and in rooms. This new model incorporates a bi-metallic method for higher accuracy. The mechanical design makes recalibration possible. Temperature measure accuracy is +/- 1 degree C and RH measurement is +/- 5%. Unit does not require battery.

RH range 0-100%. Temperature range 10-100 degrees F, or minus 30-50 degrees C. Unit measures 2"x 1"x 1/2".

Callibration Kit (sold separately) for the Mechanical Thermohygrometer contains 5 sealed moisture barrier envelopes each containing one ziploc bag and a packet of silica gel conditioned to 50% +/-2% realative humidity.