Kinwashi Paper

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1 - 24 (Sheets) $5.10
25 - 49 (Sheets) $4.50
50 - 99 (Sheets) $3.75
100 + (Sheets) $3.50



100% glossy Manila hemp fibers, Kinwashi is a classic Japanese art paper, machine made in Japan. These long fibers are beaten, boiled , bleached and then mixed with short straight kozo fibers to give the paper its distinctive appearance. 
Kinwashi has been used for decades in the US for a wide variety of printing and traditional printmaking applications, as well as beautiful shoji screens and lampshades. It has a crisp feel yet is very workable to use from the novice art student all the way up to the most experienced of printmakers.It can be used for lamp shades or even as wallpaper. 

Sheet Size: 24"x36"
Weight:  30g/m2
Color:  Available in Natural and White

This paper is included in our Japanese Fine Art Tissues & Papers Sample Book.