Monuments And The Millennium

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    An international conference 'Public Monuments into the Millennium' organized jointly by English Heritage and the Stone and Metals Sections of the UKIC, with the support of the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association, 20-22 May 1998. Environmental issues are central to many schemes planned to mark the coming millennium. The re-evaluation and regeneration of public spaces fall within this category and the monuments that occupy these spaces are a special concern. These objects are of great artistic, historic and social value. The aim of this international conference was to take a comprehensive look at the conservation and care of public monuments and sculpture as we approach the 21st century. Topics ranged from the philosophical and political issues associated with monument building to more practical aspects of conservation and repair. The book will be welcomed by a wide international audience of conservators, artists, architects, art historians, planners, critics, students, and all those concerned with the welfare of public monuments and sculpture. Summary of Contents: Contexts and Inventory History and Interpretation Technical Approaches Case Studies The Future of Public Monuments Publication date: December 2000 Paperback, 248 Pages, 9.5 x 7.5 inches