High Clarity Polyethylene Sheeting Roll

    SKU: TFM420100


    1 - 4 (Rolls) $150.95
    5 + (Rolls) $130.00
    $150.95 (Rolls)



    Large rolls of high quality, high clarity poly sheeting commonly used for covering over sized art in packing and transit, painting or construction work, creating water sheds over shelving, and many other useful applications.

    We are having this material custom manufactured for us out of 4mil clear VIRGIN high clarity food-grade polyethylene, which is the only type that is acceptable for archival applications and long term use. The heavy 4mil weight will stand up well to tough conditions. Do be aware most other rolls available this size are made from recycled polyethylene, and are not as clear or suitable for archival applications.

    Rolls are 20' x 100'. Yes these rolls are 20 feet (6 meters) wide and the material is folded and then rolled. Rolls are approximately 38lbs in weight.