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Q-Series Stand for Q-22

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Q-series stand for the Q-22 UV Light.

Our most popular examination light has two ultraviolet tubes and two fluorescent tubes flanking a 2"x4" ground glass, high-resolution, 3-power magnifier at an 8" focal length. Seperate switches control the UV and fluorescent tubes. An optional stand provides for hands-free operation. The angle between the handle and the unit is adjustable to suit the operator. Model #Q-22B Has the same features as Model Q-22, except that all 4 tubes are UV. Model #-22F Has same features as #Q-22, but 220 volt. Model #Q-22FB Has features of #Q-22B, but 220 volt. These products should be used with protective UV filtering eyewear found in this section. Peak Intensity at 6": Q-22 - 650, Q-22B - 1200 microW/cm2. An improvement of a flexible arm makes the Q-22 even better. The lamp is now available with a unique pantographic, spring-balanced flexible arm, which extends 36" (91cm) and swings in a 360 degree arc. This permits instant raising, lowering and positioning of the unit. There is a choice of three mounting brackets, W4 unit is a wall mount, the B-4 unit is a bench mount and the T-4 unit is the table mount. All units are available in 230 volt. Q22FA (B-4) Flexible arm unit with bench mount Q22FA (T-4) Flexible arm unit with table mount Q22FA (W-4) Flexible arm unit with wall mount

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