Renaissance Metal De-Corroder

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    Amine complex of hydro-oxycarboxilic acid in aqueous solution. pH approximately 4.0
    Treatment selectively ruptures the bond between base metal and corrosion layer, reducing rust to a sludge which is easily wiped or brushed away. Clean-water rinse stops the process. 

    Following treatment, metal surfaces are stabilized for up to 14 days, giving ample time for applying long-term protection (such as Renaissance micro-crystalline wax polish, which confers a tough--but reversible--glass-clear lustrous finish). 
    Bi-metallic electrolytic effects between dissimilar metals are insignificant in treatment periods or up to 48 hours. There is no attack on zinc coatings, excepting greatly prolonged immersion. 

    Treatment is most effective at temperatures between 10oC and 20oC. Colder solutions slow the action still further-a useful quality when objects are left immersed over a weekend. Contrast this safe, gentle handling of metals with the more vigorous, often deleterious action of mineral acids. 
    Loose rust or scale should be wire-brushed and surfaces de-greased to allow optimum performance. Immersed objects will be clear of light corrosion in as little as two minutes. During longer immersion for heavier rusting, periodic checks can be made by rubbing the object with a finger. Brushing speeds the process. 
    Storage and treatment vessels of mild steel, porcelain, rubber, polythene, or other plastics are suitable. Galvanized, tin, zinc or lead-lined tanks are NOT suitable. After use of the solution, separate it from any sediment by siphoning into a clean container and top up occasionally with fresh solution. The product remains effective for many weeks.

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