South American Parchment & Vellum

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    Our genuine vellum and parchment skins from South American are beautiful and consistently finished, well priced and excellent value. Ideal for furniture makers, manuscripts, illuminations, botanical painting, bookbinding, lampshades and many other decorative applications.

    Calfskin: Calfskin are considered the finest of the parchment hides due to their strength, structure and appearance.  
    Sheepskin: Sheepskin is primarily used for writing, painting and printing. Its natural structural qualities provide a soft and smooth surface that works well and paint, ink and leaf.
    Goatskin: Goatskin are identified by their "textural" surface.  The appearance of the hair follicles are notable to goat.  The shades of our goat include, White, Cream, Gray, and Natural.

    Skins are sold as follows:
    Standard: skins will yield an approximate template size of 22" x 22" 
    skins will yield an approximate template size of 26" x 26" 
    X-Large:skins will yield an approximate template size of 28" x 28" 

    Let us know your specific needs and quantities.

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