Stingray Skins

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    1 - 9 $53.75 - $58.75
    10 - 49 $49.50 - $54.05
    50 + $45.25 - $48.65
    $53.75 to $58.75 $53.75 to $58.75



    These are the finest stingray skins available. They are soft and supple, with a beautifully polished surface which gives them a jewel like quality. Stingray leather, also referred to as shagreen, has been used over the years for making leather goods, covering furniture, and many other applications.  Due to the soft-tanning of our skins they are pliable, easy to cut and can be worked like leather.
    All skins are between 7"- 7.5" wide across the central pearl and have a large workable area.

    The price of the Natural White is slightly higher due to the more complex nature of tanning this skin.

    Larger size skins and additional colors are available. Please call or email for a quote.

    Items that show out of stock are on order.  Please call for delivery status.