TALAS Professional Marbling Paper

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  • The Photo Activity Test (PAT) is an accelerated test that predicts the affects a material may have on photographic images.
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The process of creating marbled paper is amazing. Producing high quality marbled papers, and the preceding step of applying alum to the sheet is plagued with difficulty from most papers that are available today. TALAS now provides paper specifically for marbling. These papers accept the alum process and marble exceptionally well to help in achieving the best artistic results.

We now offer two papers that are well proven and successful for marbling. Our Fine Art paper is a natural traditional paper which is excellent for marbling. Our Wet Strength paper has an extra internal binder making it very forgiving in water and resists cockling and always dries flat and even.

Our Fine Art paper is an acid-free and archival paper. Made from 100% Bleached Cellulose (no recycled and wood fibers) Fibers; and free of buffering agents, make it the ideal choice for Ebru or Suminagashi marbling. It is available in two weights. 120gsm is approximately 80# text weight and the most typical weight used for making marbled papers. Also available in a lighter weight 90gsm version.
Sold in Packs of 25 Sheets. Sheet size: 19" x 25" (grain long)

Our Wet Strength paper is the paper used by Chena River Marblers (Regina & Dan St. John) and their marbling workshops they give around the country. This is a cellulose paper saturated with a synthetic polymer which makes for a very smooth sheet that resists buckling and handles wet conditions very well. Available in a single weight of 120gsm. Sold in Packs of 25 and 250 Sheets. Sheet size: 19" x 25" (grain long)

Technical Information

Technical Specs of Fine Art Marbling Paper
- Made From 100% Bleached Cellulose Fibers
- Free of Recycled and Wood Fibers
- Kappa Level 1-2 = Lignin Free
- Unbuffered Papers pH 7.0 = Acid Free
- Unbuffered Paper Free of Any Buffering Agents
- Sizing: Neutral / Synthetic, without alum additive
- Passes PAT Test ISO 18916:2007 (ISO 9706)