The Gilded Page (Hardcover) By Whitley

SKU: TBK003012


Second Edition; revised, with the addition of color plates and new information on ancient Egyptian Papyrus gilding. The Gilded Page traces the history of gilding from ancient Egypt to Babylon through Rome, the Near East, Medieval and Renaissance Europe, and finally into the modern day studio. This is a must have book for book artists and illuminators, explaining in detail the historical and modern techniques of manuscript gilding, along with recipes and helpful hints. Learn step-by-step methods of applying and burnishing gold, described in a sensible and easy-to-understand way. Learn about the tools, methods, and materials employed in flat, raised, and pattern gilding for manuscripts and paintings, along with historical mordants such as gesso Sottile, Gum Ammoniac, and Garlic Juice; and modern mordants such as Acrylic Gesso and White Glue.