An Introduction To Gold Finishing (Softcover)

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    This book has been written and designed to enable both the beginner and experienced bookbinder to develop and enhance their skills in this most difficult area of the bookbinding trade. The methodical step by step approach to working in gold is based on the authors industrial and teaching experience. This books attempts to pass down tricks of the trade that rarely get passed on to future generations, and does so in a way that progressively reveals the skills and techniques that will help even professional bookbinders to improve their skills. Chapters include inquipment, lettering, type & type holders, preparations for gold tooling, marking up, tooling through a template, adhesive, gold leaf, tooling with gold leaf, cleaning off gold, the function and use of finishing tools, practice, and faults and their correction. All well supported with helpful hints, pictures, and drawings. 102 pgs. Softcover