The Permanence And Care Of Color Photographs

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    The Permanence and Care of Color Photographs by Henry Wilhelm is one of the most important photography book of the last ten years. Wilhelm describes his research into the archival properties of color prints, Type R prints, color slide film, color neg film, B&W paper (RC & FB). Wilhelm also discusses techniques for the preservation and storage of photographs, i.e. envelopes and sleeves, refrigerators, etc. Many of Wilhelm's conclusions are injurious to the reputation of Eastman Kodak products, especially his conclusion that Fuji paper (both Type R and C prints) outlasts Kodak by factors of two or three (also that Fujichrome slides last much longer than Kodachrome when projected). Presumably because no publisher would take the book as is (it alleges that Kodak intentionally obscured the truth about their products' non-archivalness), he publishes it himself. (745 page, Hardcover)