TINA Leather Paring Knives



$95.00 to $129.00



Handmade in Germany, these leather working knives are ideal for work on leather, vellum, parchment, paper and more.  They come pre-sharpened and ready to use, while holding a very sharp edge for a long time. The variety of curves, bends, and left and right hand varieties are unmatched in any knife of this quality.

Made of the highest quality carbon steel, and tempered in TINA's own factory to ensure consistency and quality, these knives represent the pinnacle of leather paring knives.  TINA Messerfabrik has perfected their knife making skills for over 150 years and remains a small family owned business in Germany.  They are the world leader in garden grafting knives and leather working knives for industry.

#1 Style: Robust Shoemakers knife.  27cm long, 22mm wide. Bend upwards and concave.  South German, Swiss and Austrian pattern.
#2 Style: Robust Shoemakers Knife.  27cm long, 22 mm wide.  Flat and straight.
#3 Style: Thin Shoemakers Knife.  23cm long, 23mm wide.  Bend upwards, and flat.  North German and Scandinavian pattern.
#4 Style:Thin Shoemakers Knife. 23cm long, 18mm wide.  Bend upwards, and flat.  North German and Scandinavian pattern.
#5 Style: Thin leather skiving knife.  23cm long, 18mm wide.  Hard bend upwards, and edge in a special strong curve.  Suitable for hollowing out leather before bending.
#6 Style: Thin shoemaker and cutting knife.  23cm long, and 23mm wide.  Straight and flat.  Dutch pattern.
#7 Style: Robust skiving knife, suitable for the heaviest leather.  27cm long, 22mm wide.  Hard bend upwards and concave.  Edge in a special strong curve for hollowing out leather.  "Dransfeld" type.