Tomoe River Paper

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    5 - 24 (Sheets) $1.63 - $2.75
    25 - 99 (Sheets) $1.43 - $2.42
    100 + (Sheets) $1.17 - $1.98
    $1.63 to $2.75



    Tomoe River paper is an exceptionally smooth and and amazing paper to write on.  No matter the nib or pen type it will glide along on the surface of this paper with bleed or feathering.  The amazingly smooth, polished surface is ideal for drawing with all types of pen and ink.

    Made in Japan by the Tomoegawa Paper Company, the unique Tomoe River papers were originally used in Japan for producing dictionaries. Requested by calligraphers and fountain pen artists. Machine made, 100% Sulphite. 

    Available in Cream and White.
    Sheet size: 21" x 31"  Grain long

    and 31" x 43"  Grain short
    Weight: 52 gsm