Japanese & Korean Paper (Washi)

Japanese and Korean papers and tissues, also known as washi, sourced from respected papermakers working with high quality fibers, including Kozo and Gampi, as well as Cham Dak and Sam Ji Dak, a fiber similar to Mitsumata. We have broken our paper selection down into various categories below: Sheets, Rolls, Fine Art & Conservation. Be sure to also checkout our general Fine Art Papers, and Tissues & Interleaving Papers.

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Kitakata Paper
$2.49 to $3.32
Kitakata Roll
$90.66 to $100.91
Kizuki Hosho Paper
$25.20 to $31.92
Kozo #8 Paper
$8.68 to $11.98
Kozo Kashmir Paper
$2.38 to $3.47
Masa Paper Rolls
$56.93 to $75.34
Masa Paper Sheets
$0.79 to $1.21
Matsuo Paper
$14.50 to $15.90
Minota Cream Paper
$5.81 to $7.65
Okawara Handmade Paper
$4.85 to $6.78
Okawara Machinemade Paper
$13.57 to $17.44
Okawara Roll
$65.90 to $79.07

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