200 Books: An Annotated Bibliography

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    200 Books is an annotated bibliography. Smith talks about how images were made and why he made some of the books, placing them into context of place and his personal experiences. The 200 books are described with over 550 photo illustrations. Since 1967 Smith has been making books. They range from artist books to poetry, textbooks and dictionaries. He has made over 150 one-of-a-kind artists books, most of which are in his own collection, seen by only a handful of people. Smith has published over two dozen small editioned artists books and book-length poems and written ten small dictionaries to aid structure and vocabulary in his poetry. The only books to have widespread distribution are his eight books-on-books: Structure of the Visual Book, Text in the Book Format, Bookbinding for Book Artists and the five volumes of Non-Adhesive Binding: Books without Paste or Glue, 1- 2- & 3-Section Sewings, Exposed Spine Sewings, Smith's Sewing Single Sheets and Quick Leather Bindings. This new hard cover bibliography gives a good view of all 200 books Smith made up to May 2000. As well as autobiographical, it technically describes various printmaking techniques he used in imaging some of his books.